Team Wicked Pissah edges Team Hard Merchandise in 2015 Tuna Wars

SAN DIEGO — More than 200 pounds of tuna were reeled in during a competitive two-day fishing expedition in mid-June as part of a campaign to increase access to fishing among younger generations.

Friends of Rollo hosted its 2015 Tuna Wars in San Diego, June 16-18, with two sportfishing vessels helmed by Capts. Paul Hebert and Dave Marciano of NatGeo TV’s “Wicked Tuna.”

When the fishing competition concluded, Team Wicked Pissah edged Team Hard Merchandise with its top three tuna catches weighing in at 114.1 pounds. Team Hard Merchandise’s three heaviest tuna catches weighed about 107 pounds. Each vessel had 24 fishermen aboard in search of the biggest tunas.

According to Friends of Rollo, more than 1,600 children will benefit from the Tuna Wars fundraising campaign.

Seaforth Sportfishing of San Diego provided the two vessels — Eclipse and Tribute — for the competitive fishing expedition. Both vessels were offered at a discount.

This is the second year of the event.

“Wicked Pissah” is slang in the New England region for “great” or “awesome.”

Friends of Rollo served more than 100,000 youth since its inception in 1999. The group primarily focuses on bringing fishing to inner city and underprivileged youth, though all children are welcome.

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