White Sea Bass Replenishment History

White sea bass hit near rock bottom in 1980. How has the species performed since then? Below is a brief timeline:

1980: White sea bass stock depleted to 10 percent of historic catch

1982: Assembly Bill 1414 establishes Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program (OREHP)

October 1986: Hubbs Sea World Research Institute releases 2,000 juvenile white sea bass

November 1990: Proposition 132 passes, banning drift gillnets in marine protection zones

March 1992: First legal-sized white sea bass (marked and raised in hatchery) was recaptured

January 1994: Drift gillnet prohibition in marine protection zones goes into effect

October 1995: Marine fish hatchery becomes operational in Carlsbad

2001: More than 100,000 white sea bass were released in southern California waters

2002: White Sea Bass Fishery Management Plan completed

October 2004: One-millionth white sea bass was released

December 2006: 1.21 million fish released

June 2007: Oldest adult fish (13.31 years) recovered in Ventura (released off Santa Barbara in 1994)

June 2008: 100th hatchery-raised white sea bass recaptured

2013: Research underway to determine stock assessment

Sources: California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Ocean Protection Council

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