Wildlife Conservation Board approves grant funding for fish and wildlife habitats

Fish and wildlife habitats across California will receive an infusion of cash to help benefit public access and restoration of endangered species. Eight of the 16 funded projects are based somewhere in Southern California.

The state’s Wildlife Conservation Board approved the projects at its Feb. 23 meeting.

“Some of the 16 funded projects will benefit fish and wildlife – including some endangered species – while others will provide public access to important natural resources,” Department of Fish and Wildlife staff stated in a blog post about the funding announcement. “Several projects will also demonstrate the importance of protecting working landscapes that integrate economic, social and environmental stewardship practices beneficial to the environment, landowners and the local community.”

Salton Sea will receive $14.5 million for a Species Conservation Habitat Project, which would allow California’s Department of Water Resources to partner with locals in building 640 acres of wetland habitat. The new habitat would include deepwater channels, nesting structures, shallow ponds and an island refuge “to enhance habitat for fish-eating birds, on the edge of the Salton Sea.”

Funding for the projects come from voter approved bond measures.

A complete list of projects is available online at the Wildlife Conservation Board website and Department of Fish and Wildlife blog.

(Jeremya Green photo)

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