Marine Resources Committee tables agenda items to November

Parimal M. Rohit

FORTUNA — A commissioner turnover caused the state’s Fish and Game Commission to delay the discussion of key fishing topics at the Marine Resources Committee (MRC) to a later date, it was announced in August.

The replacement of MRC’s two co-chairs in June resulted in a cancellation of the committee’s July meeting. Sonke Mastrup, executive director of the Fish and Game Commission, said the cancelled meeting would not be rescheduled, meaning the committee would only meet twice this year.

Commissioners Eric Sklar and Anthony Williams will assume their co-chair responsibilities Nov. 4 and discuss items originally scheduled for July 8, including California’s fishing communities and master plan updates on the state’s fisheries and Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Sklar and Williams will also be discussing the Abalone Fishery Management Plan, fisheries bycatch workgroup and pier/jetty fishing.

Heading into 2016, Sklar and Williams will also be reviewing the Spiny Lobster Fishery Management Plan and annual sportfishing regulations.

A member of the public requested the MRC begin videotaping meetings.

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