Limits of rockfish have been the rule for virtually all of the boats running out of Channel Islands Sportfishing over the past week. In addition to rockfish, most of these trips are also seeing quite a few whitefish, sheephead and lings. On Dec. 17, Island Tak was on a full-day charter with 12 anglers, and they returned with 120 rockfish (limits), 46 whitefish, 24 lingcod, 15 sheephead and two calico bass. On Dec. 16, Gentleman was on an open party three-quarter day trip with 33 anglers, and they landed 330 rockfish, 30 whitefish, eight sculpin and two lings. On Dec. 15, four anglers aboard Cobra on a full-day open party trip had 30 red snapper, 10 rockfish, three blue perch, two calicos, one opaleye, one whitefish and one sole. It just doesn’t get any better than this.