Local Surface Update 3/30/2012

Fishing continues to lag for most of the surface species all along the coast and at the offshore islands. The problem has been the cold water conditions that continue to persist in the region. Temps are mostly from 54 to 56 degrees, which is just too cold for good calico bass, white seabass and yellowtail action. As soon as the water temperatures jump into the 58- to 62-degree range, things will turn around. There is an exceptional volume of white seabass at Catalina Island, with 12- to 18-pound males already staging for the spawn in all the coves, and the yellowtail are also stacking up at San Clemente Island and other offshore islands and banks — but the bite just been a zero for both species. If there’s a silver lining to this cloud, it’s that these types of cool spring water conditions were normal for whole decades when we had exceptional albacore years.