The San Diego long-range fleet has mostly shifted to five- to eight-day trips, and they are fishing 200 to 400 miles south of San Diego off the Baja California coast. The skippers of these boats — including Shogun, Royal Star, American Angler and others — have found a couple of big areas of bluefin tuna with fish from 20 to 80 pounds, and catches have been from 40 to 60 fish per day. What is interesting about these spots of fish is the complete lack of commercial pressure on them this season, which is a real anomaly. This means a greater volume of these bluefin could end up in local San Diego waters later this year, as the migration progresses. The lack of yellowfin at Alijos Rocks (but very good yellowtail action) has made bluefin the primary target of these trips. The first albacore of the season was also caught aboard Royal Star this week as it was returning to San Diego on an eight-day jaunt.