Nearshort Halibut and Bass

There is a pretty fair halibut bite all along the coast, from Dana Point up into the Los Angeles-San Pedro region. Out of Dana Point Sportfishing, Dana Point has been returned with one to seven halibut per day on these local trips. Native Son out of Long Beach Sportfishing has been running halibut trips for the past week and has posted several fish over 20 pounds — and a 39-pounder is the top, so far. Most of these trips have also seen a pretty good pick on sand bass. Southern Cal out of Pierpoint Sportfishing was out Sunday with 10 anglers, and they landed 51 sand bass, 26 sculpin and a halibut. The bass bite out of Marina del Rey Sportfishing has been excellent. The New Del Mar was out Monday with 22 anglers, and they landed 52 sand bass, 26 calicos, 83 sculpin and three triggerfish. In the Newport area, in addition to a fair pick on sand bass, calicos, sculpin and perch, there have been a few white seabass this week, including one at 60 pounds.