Ocean Fishing Report, July 27

BIG BLUEFIN TUNA BITE BUSTS OPEN: The bluefin tuna bite off San Clemente Islands has really turned on since the weekend, with both good volume and incredible quality of fish. The loss rate has been high with so many big fish in the mix, but those landed are making the trips worthwhile, a number topping 200 pounds this week. The yellowtail on these trips are mostly 18 to 30 pounds or more, and the bonito are all quality fish going from seven to 12 pounds.

Thunderbird out of Davey’s Locker has been focusing on San Clemente Island on its overnight trips, but it has been finding bluefin tuna in the region since July 23 when it was on a two-day trip with 29 anglers. They landed one bluefin, 58 yelowtail, 125 bonito, and had 66 calico bass that were released. The July 24 overnight trip with 29 anglers landed three bluefin, 41 yellowtail, and 38 bonito. By the July 25 trip, the focus was all bluefin and the 29 anglers on board landed four big bluefin at 227, 154, 121, and one less than 100 pounds. That 227-pounder is the biggest tuna on this boat in its 60 years.

At 22nd Street Landing, Freedom had 30 anglers on a two-day trip that returned late July 25 and  landed four bluefin to 40-plus pounds, 53 yellowtail to 30-plus pounds, 239 rockfish, 107 sheephead, 88 bonito in the 8- to 12-pound range, and 41 whitefish.  Outrider had 11 anglers on a 1.5-day trip July 25 and  chased tuna the whole time ending up with seven fish. Truline was the first 22nd boat to find bluefin. They were on an overnight trip July 23 with 22 anglers and landed two bluefin, 34 yellowtail, 220 rockfish, 12 sheephead, six barracuda, five bonito, four lingcod, and one sculpin.

Toronado out of Pierpoint Landing joined the bluefin fray on the July 25 overnight trip, with 24 anglers on board landing nine bluefin. On July 26, a late afternoon report from the boat had two bluefin on the boat, including one at 248 pounds.

SAN DIEGO NEWS: Overall, very good summer fishing for everything from the half- to multi-day trips running out of San Diego Landings.

The overnight and longer boats are running offshore and kelp paddy-hopping looking for pelagics. Most of the action right now is on 18- to 30-pound yellowtail, but there are also dorado, a few yellowfin tuna, and big bonito topping six or eight pounds. Most of the boats are reporting Mexican five-fish yellowtail daily limits on these trips.

El Capitan out of Point Loma Sportfishing had 18 anglers on its Tuesday 1 1/2-day trip, and they landed 90 yellowtail, 13 dorado, and three bonito. On July 23,  New Lo-An, also out of Point Loma Sportfishing, had 32 anglers on its overnight trip and they caught 160 yellowtail (limits) and 25 dorado.

Prowler out of Fisherman’s Landing had 11 anglers on its July 24 1.5-day trip and landed one yellowfin tuna, 55 yellowtail, and 16 dorado. Pacific Dawn, also out of Fisherman’s Landing, had 15 anglers on a two-day trip and caught 150 yellowtail and 30 dorado.

At H&M Landing, Producer, Old Glory, and Mustang, all had overnight trips on July 25 that produced limits of yellowtail. There were 18 anglers on Producer and landed 90 yellowtail and 17 dorado. Old Glory had 36 anglers who caught 180 yellowtail and 23 dorado, while Mustang carried 20 angler who landed 100 yellowtail, 16 dorado, and one yellowfin. That limit-style yellowtail bite for the overnight and longer trips has been going on all of this past week.

At Seaforth Sportfishing, Tribute was on an overnight trip with 32 anglers on July 25 and landed 127 yellowtail, 31 dorado, and one bonito. Voyager had 13 anglers on its July 25 1.5-day trip and landed limits of 65 yellowtail and limits of 26 dorado. Pacific Voyager had 17 anglers on a three-day trip returning July 25 and landed 255 yellowtail, 100 rockfish, 46 dorado, and three yellowfin tuna.

The three-quarter-day boats at the Coronado Islands continue to see good action on yellowtail along with some nice bonito and a few barracuda.

Mission Belle out of Point Loma Sportfishing had 17 anglers on its July 25 three-quarter day-trip and landed 54 yellowtail, 17 bonito, 13 calico bass, and three barracuda. The July 24 trip with 19 anglers produced 95 yellowtail, 13 bonito, and two barracuda, while the Ju;y 23 jaunt with 23 anglers ended with 115 yellowtail, 11 bonito, and seven rockfish on the deck.

San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing had 55 anglers on its July 25 three-quarter-day trip, and landed 55 yellowtail, 30 bonito, and 12 barracuda. The July 24 trip with 32 anglers returned with 103 yellowtail, 26 bonito, and five barracuda.

Liberty out of Fisherman’s Landing had a three-quarter-day trip on Sunday and 56 anglers landed 106 yellowtail, 17 bonito, and four barracuda, and the July 23 trip with 26 anglers posted limits of 130 yellowtail and eight bonito.

The half-day bite at the Point Loma kelp region has been pretty good for bass with shots at yellowtail becoming more frequent. New Seaforth had 44 anglers on its July 24 afternoon half-day and landed 12 yellowtail along with 162 calico bass (120 released), eight rockfish, three bonito, and two sheephead. Premier out of H&M Landing had 37 anglers on its July 25 half-day and landed 103 keeper calico bass, 23 sand bass, 14 sheephead, and 12 rockfish.

CATALINA UPDATE: The glut of baitfish and other food throughout the Southern California Bite continues to make fishing more difficult that it might be otherwise, but sportboats fishing Catalina Island continue to see pretty good action on yellowtail with more and more keeper calicos and some action on quality bonito and barracuda.

Pursuit out of 22nd Street Landing has been running full-day trips to Catalina Island. On July 25, 50 anglers landed 18 yellowtail, along with 20 keeper calicos, 14 bonito, 12 whitefish, 10 barracuda, five perch, one sargo, and one black sea bass that was released. On July 24, 45 anglers landed 31 yellowtail, 23 calicos, 20 barracuda, four sheephead, and two bonito.

LOCAL AND TWILIGHT UPDATE: The twilight sand bass bite reported last week has kind of fizzled since with the trip making runs finding mediocre fishing during the new moon this week. A few boats are still making twilight runs, but they have become mixed bag trip. The half-day boats fishing in nearshore waters all along the coast continue to see pretty fair mixed bass fish with more and more keeper calicos in the bite to join pretty good bottomfish action.

Western Pride out of Davey’s Locker had 22 anglers on its July 23 twilight trip and landed 21 sand bass, 16 rockfish, 13 perch, five sculpin, and three sargo. Freelance, also out of Davey’s, ran a twilight trip on July 22 with 66 anglers and landed 41 sand bass and eight rockfish.

New Del Mar, out of Marina del Rey Sportfishing, had 33 anglers on its July 24 half-day trip this week and landed 14 keeper calicos (with 198 undersize fish released) and five sand bass, in addition to 60 rockfish, 40 whitefish, two sheephead, and one sculpin. The half-day Redondo Special out of Redondo Sportfishing had 21 anglers on its July 25 morning trip and landed 177 rockfish and 38 whitefish.

VENTURA-SANTA BARBARA NEWS: The yellowtail and calico bass bites for boats running out of Oxnard to Santa Barbara landings has been very good over the past week during the new moon.

At Channel Islands Sportfishing, Aloha Spirit was on a full-day trip with 22 anglers and landed 25 yellowtail and one white sea bass in addition to 79 rockfish, nine barracuda, and six whitefish. Gentleman had 50 anglers on its July 25 three-quarter-day boat and landed 51 yellowtail and one white sea bass along with 15 keeper calicos, 85 whitefish, 10 rockfish, one barracuda, and one sheephead. Island Tak has been focusing on the calicos, and the July 25 full-day trip nine anglers had limits of 45 bass. The July 24 trip with 10 anglers had 50 calicos. Over the weekend, the July 23 trip with eight anglers returned with 13 yellowtail in addition to limits of 40 calicos, and the July 22 jaunt with 12 anglers came back with 60 calicos.

At Hook’s Landing, the three-quarter-day Coronoma had 27 anglers on July 25 and landed 42 yellowtail, 27 whitefish, 16 barracuda, nine calico bass (eight were underside and released), one sheephead, and one sculpin. The July 24 trip with 18 anglers produced 16 yellowtail along with 112 rockfish, 36 whitefish, 14 keeper calicos, four sculpin, three lingcod, one sheephead, one barracuda, and one Spanish jack.

At Ventura Sportfishing, Island Spirit had 17 anglers on Tuesday and landed 31 yellowtail, 165 rockifhs, five whitefish, three sheephead, three sculpin, and one lingcod.

At Sea Landing, Coral Sea had 25 anglers on July 25 and landed 150 rockfish, 149 whitefish, 21 lingcod, and 13 sheephead.

AVILA BEACH-MORRO BAY UPDATE: Limits of rockfish continue to be the rule, but there was a little shot of yellowtail late last week. Conditions have been a little rugged since Monday preventing some skippers from running.

At Virg’s Landing, Fiesta had 35 anglers on Monday’s three-quarter-day run, and landed full limits of bottom fish, 245 assorted rockfish and 105 red snapper, along with five lingcod. Both Fiesta and Rita G have had rockfish limits nearly every trip over the past week. Top lingcod of the week was a 16.2-pound ling landed by Gary Clevenger, Bakersfield, aboard the July 21 full-day trip on Rita G.

At Morro Bay Landing, Endeavor has battled conditions and gone out every day this past week. Bottomfish limits were posted on both July 24 and 25 for the 33 and 35 anglers on those two trips. There were also six and five lings landed, respectively, including one at 19 pounds.

On Thursday last week, Patriot out of Patriot Sportfishing in Avila Beach was out on a three-quarter-day surface fishing trip with 40 anglers and landed 25 yellowtail in addition to 12 barracuda, five bonito, and four keeper calico bass.

GRUNION UPDATE: The next grunion runs are Aug. 7-10 followed by the final run of the season on Aug. 21-24. The runs are really starting to thin out with fewer and fewer fish showing on beaches. The hand-catching season is open except during April and May. More information at this link: https://www.wildlife.ca.gov/fishing/ocean/grunion.

INSTRUCTIONAL CHARTERS: 976-TUNA offers instructional charters throughout the season. The next available trip is a two-day aboard the Black Pearl out of Long Beach Sportfishing leaving Wednesday, Aug. 2. The early booking price is just $300. These trips are held from early spring through fall, offering advice to beginning or veteran anglers and on-the-water teaching of techniques for different saltwater species. For more information, check on www.976-TUNA.com or call 562-352-0012 for details.

Southern California: Virg’s Sportfishing, Morro Bay, 805-772-1222; Patriot Sportfishing, Avila Beach, 805-595-7200; Sea Landing, Santa Barbara, 805-963-3564; Harbor Village Sportfishing, Ventura, 805-658-1060; Channel Islands Sportfishing Center, Oxnard, 805-985-8511; Hook’s Landing, Oxnard, 805-382-6233 (Port Hueneme Sportfishing has merged with Channel Islands Sportfishing); Malibu Pier Sportfishing, 310-328-8426; Marina Del Rey Sportfishing, Marina del Rey, 310-822-3625; Redondo Sportfishing, Redondo Beach, 310-372-2111; Rocky Point Fuel Dock (skiff rentals for King Harbor), Redondo Beach, 310-374-9858; 22nd Street Landing, San Pedro, 310-832-8304; L.A. Waterfront Sportfishing, San Pedro, 310-547-9916; Long Beach Sportfishing, Long Beach, 562-432-8993; Pierpoint Landing, Long Beach, 562-983-9300; Marina Sportfishing, Long Beach, 562-598-6649; Newport Landing, Newport Beach, 949-675-0550; Davey’s Locker, Newport Beach, 949-673-1434; Dana Wharf Sportfishing, Dana Point, 949-496-5794; Helgrenís Sportfishing, Oceanside, 760-722-2133; Fisherman’s Landing, San Diego, 619-221-8500; H&M Landing, San Diego, 619-222-1144; Seaforth Landing, San Diego, 619-224-3383; Point Loma Sportfishing, San Diego, 619-223-1627; Islandia Sportfishing, San Diego, 619-222-1164.

Mexico Landings: Sergio’s Sportfishing, Ensenada, 011-526-178-2185; San Quintin Sportfishing, San Quintin, 011-526-162-1455.

Please feel free to send your freshwater or saltwater fishing reports and fishing photos to Jim Matthews, Outdoor News Service, at odwriter@verizon.net and the information will be included in the weekly report. If you have questions or comments, please call Matthews at 909-887-3444.

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