Ocean Fishing Report, June 21

BLUEFIN TUNA SHOW IN DECENT NUMBER: The bluefin tuna continue to be seen in big numbers from 30 miles off San Clemente and south for 200 miles. The fish are all 20 to 200 pounds with a lot of 30- to 40-pound fish, although there have been more of the 60- to 90-pound class fish early this week. There is so much bait in the Southern California Bite that the fish are packed with small saury, 6- to 8-inch fin bait, and red crabs. But skippers have been consistently able to find a few biting fish if they roll up on enough schools of fish.

Only boats running out of San Diego Landings are targeting these fish right now, and scores have varied widely from three to 40-plus fish in the past week. Some examples:

Pacific Queen out of Fisherman’s Landing was on an overnight trip on June 18; the 21 anglers on board had 10 bluefin. But the June 17 overnight trip with 24 anglers produced limits of 48 bluefin with a good number of those in the 60- to 90-pound range.

On June 17, New Lo-An out of Point Loma Sportfishing had 12 anglers on a 1.5-day trip and landed four bluefin.

Also on June 17, Grande out of H&M Landing had 25 anglers on a full-day trip and caught 16 bluefin.

CORONADO ISLAND YELLOWTAIL WIDE OPEN: The Coronado Islands yellowtail bite continued to improve in mid-June, going from merely excellent to limit-style wide open, and it appears even more fish are flooding into the region because of the huge volume of bait in local waters and excellent water conditions. The fish continue to mostly be in the 8- to 12-pound class with a few bigger and an occasional smaller fish.

San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing had 29 anglers on its June 18 full-day trip and caught 143 yellowtail (two shy of limits), 56 barracuda, 23 calico bass, and seven bonito.

Liberty out of Fisherman’s Landing had 38 anglers on its June 18 full-day trip this week and landed 128 yellowtails along with 51 keeper calico bass, 25 bonito, and two barracuda.

Mission Belle out of Point Loma Sportfishing had 14 anglers on its June 17 all-day trip and landed 43 yellowtails, 18 calicos, and 11 bonito. The June 16 trip with 23 anglers produced 101 yellowtails, 18 bonito, 12 calicos, and one barracuda.

On June 16, Malihini out of H&M Landing was on a full-day trip with 11 anglers and had limits of 55 yellowtails, five rockfish, four calico bass, and two bonito.

LOS ANGELES-ORANGE COUNTY UPDATE: At Catalina and San Clemente islands the bite continues to ramp up on the yellowtail. The Navy had operations much of the past week, which interfered with boats fishing the favored areas at Clemente. Still the bite has been pretty good on the yellows most days.

At Clemente, Fortune out of 22nd Street Landing was on a two-day trip with 11 anglers that returned to dock on June 17 and landed 29 yellowtails, 21 calico bass, four sheephead, and two halibut.

At Catalina, Sport King out of Los Angeles Waterfront Sportfishing had 17 anglers on its June 17 three-quarter-day trip and landed 21 yellowtails and a nice mixed bag of other species, including 24 keeper calico bass, 18 whitefish, 11 barracuda, 10 bonito, and five sheephead. Also on June 17, Pursuit, out of 22nd Street, had 48 anglers on its full day trip and landed 50 yellowtails, 26 calico bass, four bonito, two sheephead, and one barracuda.

Along the coast there has been continued pretty good bass action and there was a flood of barracuda along the Orange and Los Angeles county coast this week. There have also been some nice spots of white sea bass this past week off San Diego and further up the coast.

New Del Mar out of Marina del Rey Sportfishing had 72 anglers on its June 18 half-day trip, but there were two white sea bass landed along with 45 rockfish, 18 calicos, and 15 barracuda.

On June 17’s half-day trip, Monte Carlo out of 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro had 27 anglers who landed 26 barracuda, seven keeper calicos, two sculpin, and one sand bass.

Enterprise out of Pierpoint Landing had 37 anglers on its June 16 three-quarter-day trip and landed 138 sculpin, 73 barracuda, 65 whitefish, 11 red snapper, 10 assorted rockfish, five calico bass, five perch, and two sand bass.

OXNARD TO SANTA BARBARA UPDATE: The white sea bass have continued to improve in the northern Channel Islands for Oxnard to Santa Barbara boats running full-day trips, and a few yellowtail continue to show. These species join decent picks on calico bass, bonito, and increasing numbers of barracuda. Those all join the excellent rockfish bite.

At Channel Islands Sportfishing in Oxnard, Island Tak had nine anglers on its full-day trip June 18 and caught 10 white sea bass and 16 keeper calicos. The half-day Speed Twin with 30 anglers on June 18 returned to dock 21 yellowtails, 77 whitefish, 14 calicos, one bonito, and one barracuda.

At Hook’s Sporfishing in Oxnard, Coroloma had 27 anglers on its June 18 trip and caught one yellowtail, one halibut and 12 calico bass, two barracuda, two sheephead, and two whitefish.

At Ventura Sportfishing in Ventura, Pacific Dawn had 18 anglers on its June 18 overnight trip and landed 20 yellowtails, limits of 180 assorted rockfish, and eight barracuda. Island Spirit’s full-day with 20 anglers on June 17 returned with nine quality white sea bass along with 15 rockfish and five calicos, but June 18’s trip with 33 anglers was blanked on the sea bass.

At Sea Landing in Santa Barbara, Coral Sea had 22 anglers on its June 18 three-quarter-day trip and landed 187 red snapper and 33 assorted other rockfish for limits and also had one bonus lingcod. Stardust had 18 anglers its half-day run June 18 and landed 108 assorted rockfish along with 65 red snapper.

CENTRAL COAST UPDATE: Afternoon winds continue to hamper the full-day anglers, but most boats running from Central Coast landings from Avila Beach to Morro Bay are getting early starts and posting limits of rockfish before the 10- to 15-knot winds kick up. Inside Morro Bay, there continues to be a lot of bait. Leopard sharks and bat rays continue to bite pretty well and dominate the catch, but a few halibut have been reported. In the local surf, the perch bite is good, mostly on lugworms or the Gulp! sand worms.

At Patriot Sportfishing in Avila Beach, Flying Fish had 12 anglers on June 18’s half-day trip and landed 54 assorted rockfish, 49 red snapper, and 10 bocaccio (near-limits). Phenix on June 17 had 18 anglers on its half-day trip and landed 164 rockfish, 15 red snapper, one bocaccio, and three lingcod.

At Virg’s Landing in Morro Bay, Black Pearl had 39 anglers on the June 18 half-day and landed 225 assorted rockfish, 165 red snapper, and one lingcod. That’s limits on the rockfish. Fiesta had 28 anglers on its June 17 three-quarter-day trip and landed 200 red snapper along with 80 other assorted rockfish for limits. That was in addition to five nice lings. Bud Birchfield, Morro Bay, was on a Fiesta three-quarter-day trip last week and landed a pair of big red snapper, the biggest one pushing 9 pounds.

At Morro Bay Landing, both Endeavor and Avenger had limits of rockfish. Avenger had 15 anglers who landed 80 red snapper and 70 other assorted rockfish, while Endeavor had 20 anglers who caught 200 red snapper.

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Southern California: Virg’s Sportfishing, Morro Bay, 805-772-1222; Patriot Sportfishing, Avila Beach, 805-595-7200; Sea Landing, Santa Barbara, 805-963-3564; Harbor Village Sportfishing, Ventura, 805-658-1060; Channel Islands Sportfishing Center, Oxnard, 805-985-8511; Hook’s Landing, Oxnard, 805-382-6233 (Port Hueneme Sportfishing has merged with Channel Islands Sportfishing); Malibu Pier Sportfishing, 310-328-8426; Marina Del Rey Sportfishing, Marina del Rey, 310-822-3625; Redondo Sportfishing, Redondo Beach, 310-372-2111; Rocky Point Fuel Dock (skiff rentals for King Harbor), Redondo Beach, 310-374-9858; 22nd Street Landing, San Pedro, 310-832-8304; L.A. Waterfront Sportfishing, San Pedro, 310-547-9916; Long Beach Sportfishing, Long Beach, 562-432-8993; Pierpoint Landing, Long Beach, 562-983-9300; Marina Sportfishing, Long Beach, 562-598-6649; Newport Landing, Newport Beach, 49-675-0550; Davey’s Locker, Newport Beach, 949-673-1434; Dana Wharf Sportfishing, Dana Point, 949-496-5794; Helgren’s Sportfishing, Oceanside, 760-722-2133; Fisherman’s Landing, San Diego, 619-221-8500; H&M Landing, San Diego, 619-222-1144; Seaforth Landing, San Diego, 619-224-3383; Point Loma Sportfishing, San Diego, 619-223-1627; Islandia Sportfishing, San Diego, 619-222-1164.

Mexico Landings: Sergio’s Sportfishing, Ensenada, 011-526-178-2185; San Quintin Sportfishing, San Quintin, 011-526-162-1455.


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