The action for the day-and-a-half to two-day boats out of San Diego continues to be very good. The anglers on these trips continue to catch a good amount of fish. The bite is strongly yellowtail, with a mix of dorado and yellowfin tuna thrown in. The volume of the tuna is still high, but they aren’t biting quite as well as the yellowtail. There are a lot of 5- to 8-pound yellowtail running around, with a very few running up to 15 pounds. Nice, but nothing to shout about. The closer-in three-quarter-day boats are also catching a lot of yellowtail and a few dorado. Seaforth Sport Fishing’s San Diego and Malihini out of H&M Landing are getting good results. It’s still pretty good fishing out 25 to 50 miles. There’s really no sign of this bite going away. You can expect a little bit of wind early in the week, but the weekend looks very good. It may be a bit unusual for this time of year, but the good fishing offshore continues.