While winds hammered the offshore fish for the San Diego fleet fishing the exotics from 20 to 200 miles south of San Diego, the action was still very good to excellent, with boats averaging from 60 to 100 mixed fish per day of fishing. The mixed yellowfin and bluefin made up about half of those count, but the wind pushed a lot of the yellowfin off the kelp. However, skippers found some schools of big bluefin from 40 to 50 pounds that hammered on anglers and produced high loss ratios. Ocean Odyssey out of H&M Landing returned from a 1.5-day trip Oct. 8 with the 30 anglers on board catching 37 yellowtail, 30 dorado, five yellowfin tuna and 17 big bluefin to 55 pounds (with at least twice that many more lost). Even the three-quarter-day boats are still cashing in on the offshore action. San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing on Oct. 6 was out with 50 anglers in the wind, and they still managed to get full limits (250) of yellowtail. The wind and the back side of the full moon led to this slight downturn in the action over the past week, but the volume of fish in that warm water south of San Diego is still spectacular, with yellowfin, dorado, bluefin, yellowtail and even some albacore in the mix. The cool front moving through this week is a weak system and is not expected to change conditions very much — and this bite is expected to continue well into October, if not November. Most skippers and ocean anglers are expecting the action to go back to 200 fish days as we move toward the new moon Oct. 15.