While winds hammered the offshore action since July 4, the wind began moderating July 9 and the overnight to two-day boats out of San Diego saw the fishing success improve markedly. The fish are as close as 50 miles from Point Loma, but most of the action is 70 to 150 miles south. The action has been excellent on yellowtail to 25 pounds — and then skippers start looking for bluefin. There was even a tale about a commercial wahoo caught just 150 miles south. On July 11, New Lo-Ann was out with just 14 anglers, and they had limits of yellowtail when they checked in early in the day — and they were still searching for bluefin. Before July 9, most anglers were only getting two to three fish per rod in tough conditions. Limits of yellowtail (five) and at least one to three tuna per rod have been the norm since — and loads have been very light on these trips.