By: Terrence Berg,

San Clemente Island has been kicking out some huge yellowtail in the 30- to 40-pound range. Between anglers farming fish and seals getting a few, only about one in three of these hooked fish makes it to the deck. Freedom and Fortuna out of 22nd Street Landing and Thunderbird out of Davey’s Locker have been focusing on these fish in recent days and averaging five to 15 fish on deck. The calico bass bite has also been excellent on these trips. Catalina has also been pretty much wide-open, despite the tough weather. There are yellowtail and white seabass showing on the front and back side of the island, and the quality calico bass bite is excellent. Gail Force out of L.A. Harbor Sportfishing was out June 25 with 15 anglers, and they landed 65 calicos to 5-plus pounds, five yellowtail (all 18- to 30-pounders) and five sheephead. Big Game 90, on a two-day trip with 20 anglers, posted 20 yellowtail and five white seabass, and near limits on calicos and barracuda along, with quite a few sheephead.

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