By: Terrence Berg,

The 1.5-day to 2.5-day fleet out of San Diego is still finding very consistent fishing for mixed yellowtail, dorado, bluefin and — in increasing numbers — yellowfin tuna. Yellowtail are the real story this year, with the vast majority of the fish being bigger-grade — from 20 to 30 pounds — with just a smattering of smaller fish. Normally, that is reversed. Sea Adventure 80 out of H&M returned from a 2.5-day trip July 31 with 30 anglers who caught 81 yellowtail, 56 yellowfin tuna, 38 bluefin tuna and four dorado. Grande out of Point Loma was out with 22 anglers who caught 28 dorado, 13 yellowtail and nine bluefin on a 1.5-day trip. Conditions are excellent, with blue water everywhere.

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