A number of boats were out looking for albacore this past weekend on 1.5- and 2.5-day trips running south of San Diego, but they didn’t find any longfin. The action on yellowtail on floating kelp and early schools of bluefin tuna in this 100- to 150-mile range has been excellent. The bluefin are mostly 20 to 30 pounds and yellowtail are mostly 8 to 15, with the odd bigger fish also being caught. On boats returning June 17, Grande out of Point Loma had 22 anglers who landed 90 yellowtail and nine bluefin. Condor out of Fisherman’s Landing had 12 anglers who landed 60 yellowtail (full limits) and three bluefin. Legend, on a 2.5-day trip out of Seaforth Landing, had just 10 anglers who caught 11 bluefin and 91 yellowtail. On a June 18 trip, Pacific Voyager out of Seaforth was out with 15 anglers on a 1.5-day trip, and they landed 53 bluefin and 63 yellowtail. While this bite has slowed some due to windy conditions and rougher seas that make spotting fish more difficult, the bite is excellent. But no albacore yet.