By: Terrence Berg,

The 1.5-day and two-day trips out of San Diego have been fishing from 75 to 120 miles south of Point Loma, and the action has been excellent, with midweek loads very light (about 25 to 50 percent of normal). Limits of yellowtail on floating kelp have been the rule, and most trips also get a good shot of bluefin and increasing numbers of yellowfin in this action. Condor out of Fisherman’s Landing was out July17 on a 1.5-day trip with just 11 anglers, and they landed limits of yellowtail (five each) to 28 pounds and 40 bluefin to 35 pounds. Anglers aboard Apollo July 17 caught 58 bluefin to 40 pounds, 26 yellowtail and a dorado. On July 16, New Lo An out of Point Loma returned from an overnight trip with 18 anglers who landed limits of yellowtail to 35 pounds and six yellowfin tuna to 35 pounds. These are just a couple of pretty typical scores for the past week. There is a warm vein of water running all along Baja California that has extended up the coast all the way into the Catalina basin — and fish have been moving up this ribbon of water and are likely to be as close as 30 miles off San Diego in a matter of days. The only thing slowing this bite for the past three weeks has been wind, which has made the fishing tougher.

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