The 1.5-day to 2.5-day boats out of San Diego are seeing limit-style yellowtail fishing on kelp paddies south of Point Loma, in the 60- to 120-mile range. The majority of the yellowtail are 8 to 12 pounds, with some bigger fish to 30 or 35 pounds on most trips. The boat skippers are also reporting schools of bluefin in the same areas, but they’re just not biting as well at the yellowtail, with most trips getting a few of these 20- to 40-pound-class bluefin. There are also still schools of bigger fish in the 80- to 100-pound range that bust up tackle when hooked. These trips are full on weekends, but the midweek loads are light — and many boats aren’t even running midweek because of a lack of bookings. Here are a few 1.5-day trip scores, to show how good it has been: Out of Fisherman’s Landing, Pacific Queen returned June 18, and the 27 anglers on board had 135 yellowtail and two bluefin. Prowler returned June 17 with 10 anglers, who caught 50 yellowtail and one bluefin. On June 16, Shogun was out with 29 anglers, and they landed 145 yellowtail and three bluefin. Condor returned the same day with 27 anglers, who had 135 yellowtail and one bluefin. From Point Loma, New Lo Ann had 31 anglers June 16 who caught 155 yellowtail and five bluegill, while Dominator returned the same day with its 11 anglers landing 55 yellowtail and seven bonito. At H&M Landing, Chief was on a 2.5-day trip with 32 anglers, and they landed 303 yellowtail, three bluefin and three bonito. Seaforth Landing’s Tribute was out with 29 anglers, and they returned June 16 with 145 yellowtail. It’s time.