The juxtaposition of cold-water species, such as squid — which are showing from off San Diego, around Huntington Beach and at Catalina and San Clemente islands — with warm-water, tropical species, such as dorado, is simply unprecedented. It’s like you can throw out all the science and everything you know about fishing Southern California, and just go out and catch everything.

New Seaforth and San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing in San Diego have had squid the past few days and were getting a few yellowtail and halibut on the bait, despite the warm water. On Aug. 28’s morning half-day trip, 38 anglers on New Seaforth landed 12 barracuda, 10 rockfish, six yellowtail, three halibut, three sand bass, two sculpin and a whitefish for an eclectic bag.

Redondo Special out of Redondo Sportfishing had a dozen white seabass in Santa Monica Bay early this week.

Catalina Island still has been producing a few seabass and calico bass, but the warm water there and at San Clemente Island has the resident yellowtail lethargic.