Western Sierra, Sept. 7 Report

LAKE ISABELLA: The catfish bite continues to be fair to good. Most of the action is in the South Fork arm of the lake. Frozen shad, minnows, clams, dip baits, and other cut baits have been the best. Fish to six pounds or better. There continue to be a few reports or crappie for hard-working float tube or boat anglers fishing flooded trees for four or five fish per day. The fish are mostly in the 1-8 to 3-0 class but the bite is tough. Most of the action has been on small minnows or small jigs topped with Crappie Nibbles. Everything else is very slow in the lake. A few trout reports have come in from where the Kern enters in the old cemetery area. A few carp and some small bluegill. For fishing information: Bob’s Bait 661-833-8657 or www.bobsbaitbucket.com or North Fork Marina at 760-376-1812.

KERN RIVER: The trout bite in the upper river above Isabella has been very good. The flows have finally dropped below 800 cfs, and planted trout have spread out along the river and are showing in good numbers on crickets, salmon eggs, and nightcrawlers. There have been a lot of two to three pounders in the Kern Park upriver to the first Powerhouse upstream. Trout plants went into sections 4 and 5 last week and they are scheduled for sections 4-6 next week. The lower Kern is still nearly very high through the canyon (1,300 cfs), and a few trout are showing in the quieter pools. Information: Kern River Fly Shop 760-376-2040 or (www.kernriverflyfishing.com) or Gateway Market 760-376-2424.

AQUEDUCT NEAR TAFT: Light fishing pressure but the striper and catfish bites remains fair. Lots of small stripers under the keeper size, but also some keepers. The bite is best on sardines, blood and lug worms, or anchovies. Almost no fish on artificials. Fair to good action on catfish with both mackerel and sardines producing. A few carp are also showing. No largemouth reports. Anglers are reminded the limit on stripers is two fish greater than 18 inches, while the largemouth limit is five fish. Information: Bob’s Bait 661-833-8657 or www.bobsbaitbucket.com.

MILL CREEK PARK AND CANAL: A few catfish reported on nightcrawlers, and a fair carp bite on dough baits.

RIVER WALK PARK LAKE: Fair to good bluegill action on meal worms, red worms, crickets, and nigthcrawler pieces. Carp have been fair to good on Powder and Wussy baits. Very few bass. Information: Bob’s Bait at 661-833-8657.

HART PARK LAKE: The carp bite has been good on dough baits, especially the locally-made Wussy’s Poor Man’s Bait and Powder Bait. Also a pretty good bluegill bite on meal worms and crickets. Bass pretty slow with only a few early and late in the day on plastics or reaction baits. Other species slow.

TRUXTUN LAKE: There is fair to good action on bluegill, and meal worms, wax worms, red worms, crickets, and nightcrawler pieces are the best baits for the ‘gills. The carp bite is fair to good on dough baits, while bass are slow. Few other reports.

MING LAKE: The carp bite has been good on dough and paste baits, especially Powder Bait and Wussy’s. The bluegill bite is good on meal worms. Slow other species, with only the occasional bass reported.

BRITE LAKE: No reports.

BUENA VISTA LAKES: Light fishing pressure, but there continues to be a fair bluegill bite and fair action on small catfish. Both are showing on meal worms. Still the odd crappie showing on live minnows. Not much in the way of volume, but the size has been decent. Few reports of other species this past week. Fishing information: Bob’s Bait 661-833-8657 or www.bobsbaitbucket.com.


SUCCESS LAKE: The big news is the bluegill bite, which has been good. The quality of the fish has been surprising with fish to a pound or better on meal worms and wax worms. The bass bite is fair to good, but most of the fish are small, and they are showing plastics and reaction baits in six to 18 feet of water early and late and then deeper the rest of the day. Information: Sequoia Fishing Company at 559-539-5626, www.sequoiafishingcompany.com.

KAWEAH LAKE: The bass are fair go good and showing on plastics and topwater or reaction baits early in the day. Most are 2- to 3-pounders, but some bigger fish. A few bluegill reports, but little else. Launch ramp open. Information: Sierra Sporting Goods at 559-592-5212.

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