There has been a dramatic influx of big yellowtail into Southern California waters this week, and the bite was breaking wide open a lot of places by May 21. One of the best scores was posted by Pursuit out of 22nd Street Landing. With 22 anglers on May 21, they fished Catalina Island and had 50 yellowtail, 30 legal calico bass (38 released), 20 whitefish, 14 barracuda, 10 sheephead and five perch. Freelance out of Davey’s Locker was also at Catalina with 30 anglers, and they landed 25 ‘tails, five whitefish, three barracuda, one sheephead and 20 rockfish — and they caught and released 45 calico bass that were under the new minimum size. Monte Carlo out of 22nd Street was on a half-day trip with 16 anglers and they landed six yellowtail, 74 legal calicos, six legal sand bass, three sheephead and two sculpin, fishing the Horseshoe Kelp. In San Diego, the Coronado Island bite has continued consistent, with skippers reporting from eight to 30 yellows per day for the past week. Those counts should double in coming days. And there’s been an offshore bite on floating kelp, too. Prowely out of Fisherman’s Landing was on a 1.5-day trip with 11 anglers, and they landed 34 yellowtail and 20 bonito. Bongos II out of Davey’s Locker shot out on a half-day open-water trip with two anglers May 21, and they caught 14 yellowtail on floating kelp. There is a huge volume of fish all along the coast. It can only get better.