There was a very good flurry of yellowtail action out of San Diego, with the fish showing in pretty good numbers from Ensendada to Coronado and stacking up off La Jolla. The best day so far was May 3, when San Diego out of Seaforth Sportfishing was out with 22 anglers, and they landed 48 yellowtail. Since then, and in the wake of the full moon, the bite has slowed some — but the volume of fish has continued to grow. These are all quality fish running up to 30 pounds. There are also a lot of barracuda moving up with the yellowtail. On May 8, San Diego was out with 28 anglers, and they caught 12 yellowtail, four calicos, three rockfish, and two lingcod. On May 7, there were 35 anglers who had four yellows, 12 barracuda, 15 rockfish and three lings. The poorer tides this week had this bite off some, but most skippers and veteran anglers think this bite will break wide-open by sometime next week, as we move into the new moon — and there will be brief flurries of good yellowtail and barracuda action heading into the wide-open action.