Kiss Your Katch

  • First Fish, First Kiss

    Cormac Garvey submitted this photo of his son gently laying one on the first fish he reeled in. Here’s to reeling in many more catches!

  • Black Croaker Liplock

    Tanner Rayle laid one on her recent catch during a fishing trip last month. “Compared to the live 7-inch sardine I ate last time my dad took me fishing this was a piece of cake!” she said.

  • Zoe

    Rob submitted this photo of his dog, Zoe, who snuck up quietly on her first fish to give it a quick whiff.

  • Big Sandy

    Nice sand bass released,small rock.

  • katch & release Kiss

    Catalina catch

  • This Bud is for ME

    Fishing off of Catalina . . caught a bud can.

  • December yellowtail

    Yellow caught off san pedro Dec 27th!

  • kissing some yellow

    Tim browne kissing his catch..caught out of San Pedro December 27th

  • Big Ol Sculpin

    caught at haggerties ,ended up in tortilla shells

  • Lake Nacimiento sweet tooth sweetheart

    My grandson Anthony pulled in this baby using a chocolate chip cookie for bait. Released with a full belly and a smooch!

  • Kissing Halibut @ Chula Vista Marina

    M & M Sportfishing gone fishing, brought home 28 inches Halibut.

  • calico bonanza

    One of two dozen calico's I caught and released fathers day on my boat ENI along the Ventura coast.

  • Corona Beach Ensenada

    Surf caught Corbina

  • Shareing a Romantic moment with my dinner!

    Caught this lovely 48.2 lb Yellow tail off the 209. Light gear, fly line sardine and... POW zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Had so much fun, had to give ghis one a little smooch For the good time!! Ha! Awesome year this year!!

  • Kissing my Cow

    Sitka, AK June 10th fishing with Kingfisher Charters on the boat Samantha with Captain Earl.......

  • yum

    32 lbs Yellowtail, Coronado Islands

  • Yellowtail

    Caught this bad boy out of Long Beach on a double dropper loop with an 8 ounce weight fishing the bottom!

  • Sleeping with the fishes

    This 450lb Blue marlin caught off the Maria Madre Islands on the way to Cabo

  • Grenada starfish

    St. John, Grenada starfish

  • Quick kiss

    Quick kiss

  • Kissing her Katch

    Kissing her Katch

  • Zoey

    This is 8 year old Zoey Deason kissing one of her MANY catches on the Sea Star out of Oceanside, CA on Feb. 16th 2015