Kiss Your Katch

  • Pot of Gold

    Steve Griswold kissed a Cabrilla under a rainbow in the Sea of Cortez.

  • A Kiss to my Chubby pretty healthy Rock Fish. My catch at Point Loma , San Diego CA  last September 22,2014

    Chubby pretty Healthy Rock Fish 2 lbs

  • Capt Jim on Rogue River

    Capt Jim kissing a Rainbow/ Cutthroat hybrid, Rogue River, Sept 2014 shown with famous guide and author, Michael Gorman

  • Coho Kiss

    On my first trip to Alaska we were fishing the Thorne River on beautiful Prince of Wales Island (the third largest island in the USA) and I landed my first Silver Salmon! At first there wasn't much of a fight until it saw me then it ran upriver at mach one peeling line like no other! Game on! Shortly after landing this beauty a large black bear jumped in the river across from us and caught a salmon. What a thrill to see!

  • Trolling at Lake Perris

    Trolling Rapala DT-20 bleeding shad in 30 to 45 foot of water on 09/12/2014 from 4 to 6 PM put 6 in the boat. On the 5th Sept I put 9 in the boat and lost 2 others. all released.

  • Large Mouth 6 pounds

    Trolling Lake Perris on 09/12/2014 put 6 in the boat

  • Dual Kiss

    Dual Kiss – Michael Maddox and George Adamson kiss their 20-pound dorado and 40-pound bluefin Tuna caught, respectively, at San Diego’s 43 Spot on August 3. 

  • iss Your Katch

    Katch and Release Kiss – Tyler Pham, a 7-year-old angler, caught and released a baby calico bass while fishing at the dock behind The Fishermen’s House in Oxnard. He reeled the petite fish in using a Sabiki rig.

  • Double down Dorado

    Caught these two dorado out at the 9 mile bank on July 25th!

  • Blue Fin Smoochin

    Blue Fin Tuna, caught with Daveys Locker out of Dana Point, CA.

  • Wet Kiss

    Wet Kiss – Ally Young kisses a 2.35 pound spotted bay bass she recently reeled in during a fishing trip to Balboa Bay. Young used an Abu Garcia Veritas rod and Abu Garcia Orra baitcast reel.

  • Smooches

    Smooches – Darren Miller kisses the 23 pound yellowtail he caught on a slow trolled mackerel at the Coronado Islands.

  • Fish-kisser

    Fish-kisser – When asked to kiss his catch for the first time, 4-year-old Ben Terry didn’t hesitate to plant one on the fish.

  • Smooches

    Smooches – Lacy Spear aboard the Seabiscuit out of Channel Islands Harbor in Ventura, Calif.

  • Yellowtail double dat

    Yellowtail double date – Derek Todd and Neill Andrew smooch their catches during an April 23 trip to the Coronado Islands. 

  • Large Mouth

    Big Kiss – Don Curran lays one on the fish he caught while trolling at Lake Perris.

  • First (fish) Kiss

    First (fish) Kiss – Sarah Rodgers gives a kiss to the bass that she caught off the boat in Shelter Island.

  • Classy Bass

    A bass I caught at off the dock by my fiancés boat using stale bread for bait!

  • Right on Point

    Capt. Kevin Paul and Dave Reed of II Success, the winning team of the 2013 Bisbee Black and Blue Tournament, kiss the 774-pound Blue Marlin landed by Linda Willians on Oct. 25, 2013 to cinch the first place prize. 

  • Terri Lee Ray

    Hi- This is my wife Terri Lee Ray with her first Yellowfin Tuna aboard Cortez Sportfishing from Seaforth San Diego last year. Thanks for the nice work, we love FishRap.

  • Blue Fin

    Corrie Wells of Ventura county kissing her 40# Blue fin tuna caught on the Ocean Pearl 130 miles from San Diego

  • 55lb Sea bass

    55lb Sea bass

  • First Fish

    My Grandson's first fish deserved a kiss.

  • 35 lb Yellowtail

    35 pound yellow tail that my husband Garry speared at Catalina.