Fish Report-Freshwater, Oct. 21

CACHUMA: The smallmouth and largemouth bass bite has been very good on nightcrawlers, plastics, and reaction baits. Most are from 1-8 to 3 pounds. Top areas have been Jackrabbit Flats and the rock wall between Johnson Bay and Clark Canyon. The catfish bite has been fair, slowing a little, but some fish still showing on nightcrawlers, chicken liver, and mackerel. The crappie bite has been spotty but a few decent fish to 1-12 have come off Santa Cruz Point and the east end on small jigs. Also a few bluegill and redear showing in 15 to 25 feet of water. Carp bowfishing permits are available at the entrance gate. No trout reports this past week. Private boats must be inspected for quagga mussels and face a 10-day dry dock requirement before being allowed to launch. The marina is open with rental boats available. The boat launch remains open, but boats must get a quagga mussel inspection. Information: 805-688-4040.

CASITAS: Very light fishing pressure. The bass action has remained fair to good with the best bite early in the morning and again in the evening. Most of the fish are showing on live shad or reaction baits, and there is a decent bite on plastics. Lots of fish in the two to three-pound range. There continue to be a few redear and bluegill landed on live bait in 10 to 20 feet of water on half a nightcrawler or red worm. A few nice catfish are also showing for the anglers willing to soak some cut bait. Bowfishing is allowed here for carp, but only from a boat after 8 a.m. Lake staff must approve bows. Private boats must be inspected for quagga mussels and face a 35-day dry dock requirement before being allowed to launch. Information: 805-649-2043.

CASTAIC: The striper action remains fair to good, but with fewer boiling fish again this past week. The best action has been at C Point, the west ramp, and the jet ski buoys. Most of the stripers are under four pounds. The largemouth bass action is fair to good with most of the action in five to 30 feet of water on plastics, but more and more reaction bait and topwater action over the past week. Fair catfish with some cats into the double digit range, mostly on cut baits or nightcrawlers fished in 30 to 75 feet of water. Other species are slow. For information call 661-775-6232.

PIRU: There is fair to good largemouth bass action. The bass are showing for shoreline and boat anglers on plastics and reaction baits. The action has been stretching further into the morning and restarting earlier in the afternoon with the cooling weather. A few smallmouth in this bite, especially on rocky structure. Catfish fair in 10 to 30 feet of water on cut baits, while the bluegill and redear are fair with small fish in most structure areas on small jigs, nightcrawlers, and meal worms. Water level is very low and launching is difficult and some boats may not be able to launch. Boaters should also be aware that lake hazards exist with the low water. Rental boats are available. Information: gatehouse at 805-521-1500.

PYRAMID: Odd, the first trout plant of the season went in last week and the striper bite stalled. The stripers had been wide open for over a month and then slow down after trout go in. The stripers are still fair with some boiling fish in the mornings, but most of the action has been at the dam and channel on bait or trolled lures. Most of the fish are two to five pounds. Some trout reported right after the plant, mostly on small lures and some on floating baits. Next plant is slated for next week. The catfish bite has been fair, also on cut baits and the cats are showing all around the lake. Largemouth bass have been fair with the best action early and late in the day on plastics and reaction baits. Some are up chasing bait with stripers. Bluegill and redear getting little pressure, but the bite on small fish has been pretty decent. There is a health warning about eating fish from here.  Information: Emigrant Landing entrance booth at 661-295-7155.

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