Fish Report-Freshwater, April 29

SALTON SEA: The fishing went in the tank this week with a minor fish dieoff because of an algae bloom. The dieoff was small and isolated to a few shoreline areas and inside the state park headquarters harbor (where dredging is ongoing one day each week). Afternoon winds, which had been absent in recent days, usually dissipate the algae and add oxygen to the sea. Those winds returned Wednesday this week. Fishing could be good again this coming week, but calling ahead is recommended. Most of the fish have been half- to three-quarter pounders. Top spots have been the the state park headquarters jetty (and the inside of the marina is now open to fishing, too) and the adjacent Salton Sea Yacht Club jetty in North Shore. No reports from other locations. The bite has been on nightcrawler pieces. The park entrance fee is $5 with self-registration. The water has dropped so much that launching was nearly impossible except for small boats (boaters should check with the main office at the recreation area before bringing a boat). The camp store is open Friday through Sunday. Volunteers are needed to work in the visitor center. They get free camping and hookups. Information: Camp Store at (760) 289-9455 (open Friday-Sunday). Salton Sea State Recreation Area main office at (760) 393-3059, or the ranger station kiosk at (760) 393-3052 (or mobile phone at (760) 331-9944).

WEIST LAKE: No recent DFW plants. Information: (760) 352-3308.

SUNBEAM LAKE: No recent DFW plants.

LAKE CAHUILLA: No recent DFW plants. Information: (760) 564-4712.

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