Riverside County 3-22-2012

DIAMOND VALLEY: The bass bite has been fair to good over the past week. The fish are showing from very shallow water down to 20 feet on jigs, plastic worms, Senkos and small swimbaits. Most of the fish are from 2 to 4 pounds, with some bigger. John Misiti, Winchester, landed bass at 6.03 and 2.22 pounds on nightcrawlers. The trout bite has been good since the Mt. Lassen plant March 13, with good action along the shore fishing areas. PowerBait, Power Worms, mini jigs and nightcrawlers have all been good bets for the rainbows with fish up to 6 pounds reported, including a few brown trout. Last DFG trout plant was three weeks ago. Stripers have been tough this week, with only a few fish on cut baits or big trout-like swimbaits. The bluegill, redear and crappie bites are mostly slow, with few anglers fishing for panfish right now. A few redear and bluegill have been reported by trout and bass anglers tossing nightcrawlers. Catfish have also been slow, with very few fish reported since the lake record 56.8-pounder caught the beginning of the month. Private boats must be inspected for zebra and quagga mussels. Boats with wet lower units will be turned away. For general lake and launch information, call (800) 590-LAKE. For fishing and boat rental info, call the marina at (951) 926-7201 or dvmarina.com; or Last Chance Bait and Tackle at (951) 658-7410 or lastchancetackle.com.

PERRIS: The largemouth bass bite is good and the weekend storm hasn’t really slowed things down much. The fish are still just entering the spawn with most of the bite still in 6 to 20 feet of water. Each time it looks like the shallows are going to get flooded with fish, we have another cool spell that cools the water and moves the bass back out of the two to four foot depths. But the bite has been good with quite a few quality fish, especially in the east end. Top reported at the marina this week was a 7.4-pounder that topped off a five-fish catch posted by Dustin Hampton, Moreno Valley, and plastics fished east of the island. Martin Sulsserry, Riverside, landed a 5.4-pounder on a Huddleston swimbait at the launch ramp. The trout bite is also pretty good, especially in Lots 11 and 12, on inflated nightcrawlers and PowerBait. DFG trout plants this week and two weeks ago. The redear and bluegill are also improving a little, but the bite is still mostly in 12 to 25 feet of water on small jigs, dillies, and small worms. Lorenzo Martinez, Moreno Valley, had six redear to .75 pound caught off the marina docks on trout worms. Catfish are slow. The park and marina are now closed on Tuesday and Wednesday each week (but anglers can still walk in or bicycle in on those days). The weekday closures will continue through March. Hours are 6 a.m.-8 p.m. Marina hours 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Information: marina (951) 657-2179, state park (951) 940-5600.

SKINNER: The final county trout plant of the season goes in this week, and the rainbow bite has been good between both launch ramps on PowerBait in chartreuse, corn, garlic and rainbow, trout plastics and small jigs. Melody Watkins, Huntington Beach, had a pair of trout to 2 pounds on PowerBait at Ramp No. 1. The largemouth bass bite had been steadily improving with many fish in less than 10 feet of water and already fanning out spawning beds. The best action has been on plastics worms, swimbaits, jigs and spinnerbaits. Tom Miles, Escondido, had four bass to 2 pounds on jigs, while Robert Henry Petrucci, Temecula, landed a 2-pound bass. There’s a fair bite on stripers at the inlet, Ramp No. 2, and east end on chicken livers or other cut baits, but the fish are mostly small. A few bluegill are starting to show on mealworms, nightcrawler pieces and red worms. No catfish, crappie or carp reports. Information: store (951) 926-1505 or marina (951) 926-8515.

ELSINORE: The carp bite has really picked up, with a lot of nice catches of fish on dough baits. The carp are running up to 8 pounds. A few catfish are also being landed along with the odd bluegill, but overall the bite is still pretty tough and the weekend storm didn’t help things. For more information, call William’s Bait, Tackle and Boat Rental at (951) 642-0640 or go to williamsboatandtackle.com.

CORONA LAKE: The season’s only plant of Lightning Trout added some color to trout stringers this past week, with a lot of five-fish limits reported. Top rainbow was an 8-pounder caught by 12-year-old Cody May, Wildomar, fishing the mid-lake sand bar with orange and white floating bait. Sven Hansen, Wildomar, landed a 7.7-pounder rainbow on a green Power Mouse at the dam, while Steve Perez, Coachella, topped off his five-fish, 25-pound stringer with a 6-pound rainbow caught at the dam on Lip RipperZ jigs and Power Worms. Mike McMann, Fontana, also landed a 6-pound rainbow at the dam on a green dough bait. Jamie and Damon Grunkemeyer, Riverside, had five Lightning Trout to 2.25 pounds fishing yellow PowerBait at the dam. Jeff and Brian Delaney, Riverside, caught 10 trout for 23 pounds, including Lightning Trout to 2.5 pounds, fishing nightcrawlers off the south shore. The crappie continue to show in the south end of the lake in the flooded brush with fish up to 2 pounds or better reported on small jigs, and the catfish action is also kicking into gear for anglers targeting the cats with cut baits or nightcrawlers. Pedro, Juan and Josh Galvin, all Pomona, had 12 catfish for 22.75 pounds fishing nightcrawlers in the south end of the lake. Trout plants are weekly. No state fishing license is required here. Information: (951) 277-3321 or log on at fishinglakes.com.

EVANS LAKE: Few reports. But a few bass are showing on small reaction baits and plastics with the fish are starting to cruise the shoreline. Panfish, catfish and carp all very slow. Trout will not be planted in the lake this year because of fears the plants could somehow harm endangered Santa Ana River suckers below the small lake.

RANCHO JURUPA: The trout action has been good since both county and DFG plants two weeks ago, and both county and DFG fish are again slated for this week. The best action has been on PowerBait and PowerMice. Ron Cook, Riverside, topped off his five-fish limit with a 2-8 rainbow, all caught on PowerBait. Jerry OíConnell, Moreno Valley, had a limit of trout on PowerWorms topped off with a 1-12 rainbow. Mark Neito, Riverside, had four trout to two pounds on Power Bait, while Ruben Martinez, Colton, landed three rainbows to 1-8. Other species are mostly slow, but an occasional catfish, carp, or bluegill is being landed. Information: (951) 684-7032.

FISHERMAN’S RETREAT: Fair to good trout action and a plant is slated for this week. Plants are every two weeks the rest of the season with derbies the Saturday following the plant. Warmwater species are also starting to show in better numbers as the water temps climb. Information: (909) 795-0171.

LITTLE LAKE: Fair to good trout action with DFG plants this week and two weeks ago. A few catfish and bluegill also being landed. Entrance fee is $10 per person, with a $3 per angler fishing fee. Kids ages 5 to 12 pay only a $5 entry fee. Kids under 5 only have to pay the fishing fee if they fish. A state fishing license is required to fish here and regular state limits apply. The lake phone is (530) 526-7937.

REFLECTION LAKE: Information: (951) 654-7906 or reflectionlakerv.com.

JEAN’S CHANNEL CATS: The trout bite remains fair to good, but no more plants this season. The fish are averaging 1-4 to 2 pounds with some to 3 pounds. Best action on Power Bait. Catfish are slow, but the first load of channel catfish was planted March 22. The lake is open only on weekends. No state fishing license is required to fish here. Information: (951) 796-9507.

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