San Diego Area Lakes, Feb 25 report

TOP NEWS: The rainbow trout action continues to be fair to good (and sometimes excellent) at lakes getting planted with private hatchery fish. Jennings is the top dog in plants with weekly stocks — well, weekly most weeks. This week is a skip week, but it was planted with 1,000 pounds of trout last week and will get another 1,000 pounds next week. Wohlford and Dixon are getting plants alternating weeks, with each receiving a plant this week and two weeks ago. Poway had a plant last week, and the next plant will be 3,000 pounds on March 2. Starting this week Poway is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays to boating and fishing. Cuyamaca is also getting plants every two weeks with 1,000 pounds of Jess Ranch trout this week and 1,100 pounds of Mt. Lassen trout March 8. There’s a pretty fair crappie bite at Lake Hodges, and the bass bites are starting to kick into gear with the warm weather all over the county.

Top fish this past week: Speaking of bass…. At Jennings, Evan Donley, La Mesa, caught and released five bass that totaled 49 pounds. That nearly a 10-pound average. At Miramar, Nolan Bachelder, San Diego, had an 11.35-pound largemouth on a trout-like swimbait. At Wohlford, there were a couple of notable catches this past week. First, Sam Madamba, Rancho Penasquitos, landed a 10.6-pound rainbow at Wohlford while fly-fishing with a midge pattern west of the Senior Shoreline. Second, Randy Eddo, Escondido, tied the lake record for crappie with a 3.5-pounder on a small Rapala trolled near Crappie Rock. At Poway, Troy Pasalich, Poway, caught a 9-10 Tailwalker to top off his five-trout limit. 

DFW stocking news: No DFW plants scheduled for last week or this week. Three weeks ago Chollas Park Lake, Cuyamaca Lake, Lake Jennings, Lake Miramar, Lake Murray, Lake Wohlford, Lindo Lake, and Morena Reservoir were planted.

BARRETT: Closed. Lake information: 619-465-3474 

HODGES:  Information: 760-432-2023.

EL CAPITAN:  Rental boat and concession information: 619-443-4110.

LOWER OTAY:  Information: 619-465-3474. Rental boat and concession information: 619-397-5212. 

UPPER OTAY:  Lake information: 619-465-3474. Concession: 619-397-5212.

MURRAY:  Lake information: 619-466-4847. Concession: 619-466-4847.

MIRAMAR:  Marina concession: 858-527-1722. General information: 619-465-3474.

SUTHERLAND:  Lake information: 619-465-3474. Rental boat reservations: 619-668-2050 or

WOHLFORD: Lake information: 760-839-4346 

DIXON: Lake information: 760-839-4680 

POWAY: Lake information: 858-668-4772, tackle shop recording 858-486-1234.

JENNINGS: Information: 619-390-1300.

MORENA: Information: 24-hour fishing update line 619-478-5473, ranger station 619-579-4101.

CUYAMACA: Information: 760-765-0515.

HENSHAW: Information: 760-782-3501.

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