Fish Report San Diego Area Lakes

BARRETT: The lake is closed until spring. Lake information: (619) 465-3474.    

HODGES: There were 96 anglers checked and they reported 67 bass, 40 crappie, and one channel catfish. The crappie have been best in the narrows on live shiners with some very good catches reported by the marina staff. Kevin Woo, San Diego, had a mixed stringer of 18 crappie and bass, all on live shiner. Top crappie was two pounds. Juan Escobar, Escondido, landed four crappie to three pounds on live shiners at the dam. A few catfish are also being landed. Kung Chang, Escondido, had three catfish to nine pounds on live shiners off the north shore.Information: (760) 432-2023.     

EL CAPITAN: Excellent bass action with the fish mostly shallow on beds. The county surveyed 21 anglers and they reported 71 bass and one crappie. DFW trout plants last week and three weeks ago. The lake is open Thursday through Monday with boat rentals available all five days. General lake information: 619-465-3474 or Rental boat and concession information: (619) 443-4110.     

LOWER OTAY: Very good bass bite this week. The bass are on beds and showing in very good numbers on plastics and swimbaits. The county surveyed 156 anglers and they reported 242 bass to 13 pounds and 25 crappie to 1.2 pounds. Top baits for both species have been live shiners. DFW trout were planted last week and three weeks ago. Otay is open on a Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday schedule and boat rentals are available all three days. General lake information: (619) 465-3474. Rental boat and concession information: (619) 397-5212.      

UPPER OTAY: Very good bass action with the fish up on beds in mid-spawn. The county surveys 13 anglers and they reported 51 bass to 5-4. Plastics, nightcrawlers, and live shiners the top baits. The lake is open on a Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday for catch-and-release fishing (only artificial lures with single, barbless hooks), sunrise to sunset. The road to Upper Otay is closed, but anglers can still walk in. Lake information: (619) 465-3474 (recording) or (619) 397-5212 (concession).

MURRAY: DFW trout plants last week and three weeks ago. The marina staff reports fair trout action at the buoy line on spinners and PowerBait. Most of the rainbows are about a pound. Bass are excellent with most of the fish shallow in the spawn. In a local tournament, it took five fish at 22 pounds to win with a nine-pound kicker. Most of the bass are one to three pounds and showing on plastics and shiners. The crappie action is fair but with some quality fish. Ritchie Houston, San Diego, had a pair to two-pound crappie on small shiners. Only a few catfish or bluegill showing, but Clifford Brendon, San Diego, landed a 12-pound cat off the T-Dock on a nightcrawler. Lake information: (619) 466-4847.  There are boat rentals Friday through Sunday and the new concession number is (619) 466-4847.     

MIRAMAR: No more huge bass this week (after the 17-pounder last week), but the action remains very good. The county surveys 15 anglers and they reported 35 bass and 24 rainbow trout. The trout bite has been fair to good right after DFW plants — and there were plants last week and three weeks ago. Moe’s Hole has been the hotspot for the rainbows. The bass are flooding into the shallows for the spawn with most of the fish in the one to three pounds range — with a few bigger fish. Marina concession: 858-527-1722. General information: (619) 465-3474.

WOHLFORD: The trout bite has been good this week after a 1,500-pound plant on Wednesday. Last plant was Feb. 26. Top trout reported this week was a 6.45-pounder landed by Victor Ortiz, Vista, on a nightcrawler in Willow Cove. Top area for trout has been the east end of the lake and PowerBait and inflated nightcrawlers the top baits. Bass action has also been very good with the fish shallow for the spawn. Lots of one to three pound fish showing on plastics, crawdads, and small swimbaits. Top fish reported was a 6.2-pounder landed by Chris Lenker, Valley Center on a plastic off Bass Point. Roy Hammond, Escondido, caught a 4.8-pounder on a plastic off the Senior Shoreline. The crappie are also starting to show in decent numbers but getting very little pressure. Daniel Rossetter, Escondido, caught a 2.55-pound crappie on a nightcrawler at Crappie Rock, while Andrew Gabryszak, Temecula, landed a 2.15-pounder on a Kastmaster off Bass Point. For information contact the Ranger Station at (760) 839-4346. 

DOANE POND: No recent DFW plants.      

DIXON LAKE: Good trout action after a plants Wednesday this week and two weeks ago. The best bite is from three to four days after the stock before the action slows. The top spots have been Trout Cove and Jack Creek Cove, but bigger fish are coming from Whisker Bay. The bass are fair to good with the movement of fish shallow just starting. Lots of smaller males are along the shorelines now and whacking drop-shot plastics, but few of the bigger females are up yet. Trout plants will continue to be 1,500 pounds alternating weeks through April 9 with a final 3,000-pound plant on April 23 for the annual Kiwanis’ Trout Derby April 27-28. No state fishing license is required here. Lake information: (760) 839-4680.

POWAY: Trout action has been good this past week with the bite taking off after the plant Mar. 5. Next plant is slated for Mar. 19. The best bite on rainbow PowerBait, inflated nightcrawlers, and Power Worms fished drop-shot style on light line. Hidden Bay and Half Moon Bay have been the hot spot. Bass are starting to move shallow with fair to good action on plastics and small swimbaits. Lake information: (858) 668-4772, tackle shop recording (858-) 486-1234.

JENNINGS: The trout action has been tougher this past week, but the fish showing have mostly been quality rainbows. Plants continue each week through the end of the month and there are tagged fish and blind bogey fish with prizes in the lake, too. Top trout reported were eight-pounders. One landed by Kenny Steidl, La Mesa, and the other by Keven Okesson, Ramona. Okesson also had a 4-4. Ronnel Meluille, el Cajon, landed a 6-12 trout. Dajen Memanama, Ramona, landed a 6-8 rainbow, and Calvin Smith, Santee, had its twin along with a five-pounder. Joe Wayman, San Diego, had rainbows at 6-4 and 5-12. The bass bite has been good with the fish on beds along the shoreline. Most are smaller fish to two pounds, but some bigger fish in the mix. Crappie are also starting to show. Jim McPherson, La Mesa, landed a two-pound slab. A few cats showing in deeper water off the buoy line. Information: (619) 390-1300. 

MORENA: Good trout action this past week. Toby Laff, Descanso, landed rainbows at seven pounds and 6-8 on worms and PowerBait. David Dessert, El Centro, landed a 6-4 on a Roostertail, and Tom Casey, Brawley, landed a 4-14. Other species are mostly slow, but the bass are starting to show signs of life with a few fish moving shallow this week and showing on small plastics. Information: 24-hour fishing update line (619) 478-5473, ranger station 619-579-4101.

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