San Diego Area Lakes, March 22 Report

NEWS/STOCKING UPDATES: Dixon Lake was planted with trout this week, two and four weeks ago. There will be an additional 1,500-pound plant the week of Mar. 28. There will be a 4,000-pound plant April 18, and the final plant of the season will be 500 pounds on April 20.

Lake Jennings was planted with 1,500 pounds of rainbows last week. It was also planted three and four weeks ago. It will also have plants of 1,500 pounds the weeks of Apr. 2 and Apr. 16. The Apr. 2 plants will be 1,700 pounds.

Poway Lake was planted this week, two and four weeks ago. It will receive additional trout plants April 4 and 18. There will be a free trout fishing seminar April 8 to teach beginners how to catch trout.

At Lake Wohlford, there was a 1,500-pound plant this week and two weeks ago.

Santee Lakes was planted with 1,000-pounds of trout this week and two weeks ago.

Lake Cuyamaca is slated to get trout next week Apr. 19, May 22, and Jun. 15. A DFW trout plant also went in this week and four weeks ago.
At the San Diego City Lakes, Hodges, Barrett and Sutherland are closed for the season. El Capitanís boat rental is closed for the season. ‘Cap and San Vicente are on their winter schedules.

No recent DFW trout plants.

FISHING UPDATE: The trout bite has been fair to good at most of the lakes getting regular stocks. The bite is best the two to three days after the plants, but all the lakes have had enough plants that there is a pretty good stockpile of fish that keeps the bite pretty fair. The usual array of floating dough baits, Mice Tails, and small trout jigs are the best bets. Poway and Dixon probably have been the best bets this past week, but Jennings and Wohlford are close seconds. Cuyamaca and Santee Lakes have been fair.

The bass bite has really started to improve in spite of the weather with a lot of fish nosing up into the shallows for the spawn. Lots of fish on small plastics and big reaction baits (especially in waters planted with trout). Lower Otay and El Capitan are the top bets with very good action, but San Vicente really turned on, too, this past week. Murray, Hodges, and Sutherland are several notches behind but improving with each sunny day.

The bluegill and redear action has mostly been slow, but it is showing signs of life with more fish starting to show at El Capitan and Hodges this week. The crappie action has been fair to good at Lower Otay, and a few fish are showing at San Vicente, El Capitan, Hodges and Murray.

The catfish are getting very light pressure right now so there have been few reports.

FISH COUNTS: The San Diego City Lakes staff usually conducts counts each week at its reservoirs. At El Capitan, 78 anglers checked reported 393 bass to 6.35 pounds, 54 bluegill, 37 crappie to 1.9 pounds, 38 blue catfish, and 15 channel catfish. At Hodges, 91 anglers reported just 32 bass, 21 crappie, and 10 bluegill. At Miramar, 19 anglers landed 70 bass to 3.75 pounds. At San Vicente, 220 anglers reported 663 bass to 8.5 pounds. At Sutherland, 24 anglers caught 43 bass and nine bluegill.

NOTABLE CATCHES: At San Vicente, Anthony Noy, La Mesa, landed three crappie and his best was a 2.8-pounder in the Kimball Arm. All were caught on white crappie jigs topped with a Crappie Nibble. At Wohlford, Richard Fridell, Escondido, caught and released a 6-pound bass on a crawdad in Oakvale Cove last Friday.

BARRETT: Weekly fish counts: Lake information: 619-465-3474 or

HODGES: Weekly fish counts: Information: 760-432-2023.

EL CAPITAN: Weekly fish counts: Rental boat and concession information: 619-443-4110.

LOWER OTAY: Weekly fish counts: Information: 619-465-3474 or Rental boat and concession information: 619-397-5212.

UPPER OTAY: Weekly fish counts: Lake information: 619-465-3474. Concession: 619-397-5212.

MURRAY: Weekly fish counts: Lake information: 619-466-4847 or Concession: 619-466-4847.

MIRAMAR: Weekly fish counts: Marina concession: 858-527-1722. General information: 619-465-3474 or

SAN VICENTE: Weekly fish counts: Marina concession: 619-390-1918. General information: 619-465-3474 or

SUTHERLAND: Weekly fish counts: Lake information: 619-465-3474 or Rental boat reservations: 619-668-2050 or

SANTEE LAKES: Lake information: 619-596-3141

WOHLFORD: Lake information: 760-839-4346 or

DIXON: Lake information: 760-839-4680 or

POWAY: Lake information: 858-668-4772, tackle shop recording 858-486-1234, or

JENNINGS: Information: 619-390-1300 or

MORENA: Information: 24-hour fishing update line 619-478-5473, ranger station 619-579-4101, or

CUYAMACA: Information: 760-765-0515 or

HENSHAW: Information: 760-782-3501.

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